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Residency @ The Clinic is a nine-month program for health care innovators who are committed to moving their health innovations forward and looking for a fast-track approach to validate and grow their business while building up their critical network.

Residents join monthly Residency Rounds as well as gain valuable insight from one-on-one coaching throughout the program. During the Residency, innovators will be supported through three sprints with guidance from our community to focus on key gaps or pivot points in their innovation, whether it’s focused on the feasibility, desirability, or viability stage of their venture.

Residents will have access to work out of the Clinic’s Collision room during the residency program. By the end of the program, Residents will have made pivotal advancements in their innovations and will have expanded their professional network.


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Innovators work closely with coaches to define and execute on key project objectives for each sprint.

Throughout the year, residents pitch their innovations and upcoming objectives for the next three months, covering a range of goals, including prototyping, business modeling, regulatory strategy, and product testing.

Sprint 1: Present 5-minute pitch and share upcoming milestones. This is a pitch competition deck.

Sprint 2: Present 5-minute pitch focused on your product and include completed and upcoming milestones.

Sprint 3: Inventor pitch – 10 minutes, plus Q&A, include completed and upcoming milestones.

Exclusive peer-to-peer and expert facilitated round table discussions that tackle specific health entrepreneurship challenges including business model development, regulatory strategy, network building, reimbursement, and funding options.

Residency Round 1: Welcome/How to make an award-winning pitch
Residency Round 2: Problem-focused, market research tools at McMaster, and AI tools
Residency Round 3: Design Sprint plan, testing, stakeholder engagement and feedback
Residency Round 4: Develop a compelling value proposition, tailor your elevator pitch for different stakeholders, networking and getting your product into the hands of the right people
Residency Round 5: How to get your product ready for selling (ethics, regulatory, IP, manufacturing)
Residency Round 6: Business plan, go-to-market, building up your investor pitch (timelines, financials)
Residency Round 7: Project management

Residents conclude the program showcasing prototypes and next steps. Innovations are presented to The Clinic community and members of the Hamilton innovation ecosystem.


Residents are selected based on their level of commitment and the readiness of their innovation. Successful applicants will be invited to schedule a meeting with The Clinic staff to learn more about their health innovation, followed by Q&A. This interview process will decide acceptance into the program.


Any researcher, clinician, student and/or entrepreneur developing a health or biomedical innovation. At least one member of the team must be currently affiliated with McMaster University.

Questions about the Residency program? Send us an email.

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Download Residency highlights Download

A brief one-page overview of Residency @ The Clinic.

Winter 2024 Residency Application

Winter 2024 Residency @ The Clinic will run February 29 – October 1, 2024. Applications are now closed.

The Clinic is proud to be only one of two Mitacs-approved incubators at McMaster University with the Residency @ The Clinic program.

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  • Startups enrolled in The Clinic’s Residency program now have access to Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur funds.
  • Accelerate Entrepreneur pays undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral fellows to grow their startups and get to market faster.
  • This matching program provides $15,000 per four-month internship with opportunities to scale up depending on the startup’s needs.

What is the Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur program?

The Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur program pays students and postdoctoral fellows to grow their start-ups and get to market faster. With the support of The Clinic, an approved incubator, Mitacs funding helps health innovators build professional entrepreneurial skills, with the goal of commercializing their start-up’s technology, product, or service through funded research internships.

How do I qualify?

  • Be a current McMaster student or postdoctoral fellow
  • Be a founder/owner of a health-focused start-up looking to advance the core technology, product, or service
  • Be an active member of The Clinic enrolled in the Residency program

How does the Accelerate Entrepreneur program work?

  • Mitacs matches the start-up’s investment at 1:1 and releases a research award to student or post-doctoral entrepreneurs valued at $15,000 (at least $10,000 stipend and up to $5,000 for project costs).
  • Student or postdoctoral entrepreneurs advance their academic work and their start-up’s commercialization goals with support through Residency @ The Clinic.

How can I apply for the Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur program through The Clinic?
An initial meeting with The Clinic’s program manager is the first step to review the stage of your health innovation and ensure you meet all Mitacs application criteria.

If the above criteria are met:

  • Complete the Mitacs Accelerate proposal form
  • Complete the Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur conflict of interest declaration form
  • Submit a letter of support from The Clinic

Have more questions? Connect with The Clinic staff.


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