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AI Bootcamp: The Essentials

Learn the foundations of generative AI and how to use ChatGPT to increase daily efficiencies.


Use ChatGPT, elevate your AI skillset and learn how to build your own generative pre-trained transformer (GPT).

Learn about the various applications of AI, including in health care.

Connect and collaborate with a diverse community of academics, industry professionals, and clinical groups, all passionate about using AI.

You will be challenged to apply the concepts and tools learned in the bootcamp to your daily work.

Prior AI experience is not required. AI Bootcamp: The Essentials is a great starting point!

Expandable List

  • Build your AI foundation: Learn the fundamentals of generative AI (Gen AI) with a focus on real-world applications and future possibilities
  • Discover AI in healthcare: Get hands-on experience with the latest AI innovations in health and lifestyle, understanding their impact and potential
  • Hands-on ChatGPT skills: Engage with ChatGPT through a series of practical activities tailored to elevate your Gen AI interaction skills
  • Explore GPT solutions: Dive into the diverse applications of GPTs and select the right model for your objectives
  • Build, test, learn: Engage in a step-by-step workshop to create your own GPT model, tailored to your data and goals
  • Feedback and iteration: Share your GPT with the community, gather feedback, and refine your model for optimal performance in your workflow
  • Boost your workday: Integrate helpful AI tools into your workflow routine for smarter, faster results
  • Learn from the leaders: Gain insights from AI innovators on the latest healthcare integrations and explore new Gen AI tools
  • Keep ahead with multimodal AI: Learn how to keep up with the latest trends and tools in the AI space, preparing you to leverage AI’s full potential
  • Showcase your innovation: Present your GPT project, sharing your development journey, challenges, solutions, and the practical benefits of your custom AI in action


Participants are encouraged to complete the weekly challenges during each session. These challenges involve applying what is learned to individual work or projects. Throughout the three-weeks, participants will brainstorm their own AI strategies and share new insights with their peers.


After registering, participants will be required to pay the $50 program fee by the first bootcamp session.
Bootcamp participants will need to purchase an individual subscription to ChatGPT 4 and have access to it for the first session.


Shaaf Farooq

Upcoming AI Bootcamp

March 27, April 2, and April 10, 2024

AI Bootcamp: The Essentials includes three weekly sessions from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. in The Clinic which is located on the lower level of the
Health Sciences Library in the McMaster University Medical Centre.

Registration is now closed. Check back for future AI Bootcamp dates.