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Executive Education

As a dedicated healthcare leader, are you poised to embrace AI and enhance patient care?

In an era where AI’s role in healthcare is rapidly expanding, staying ahead is a challenge. AI’s growing applications are evolving at an unprecedented pace, leading to groundbreaking innovations and new challenges. As a healthcare leader, you will be at the forefront of making decisions about AI’s application and navigating its complexities.

This two-day program is designed to equip you with knowledge and skills to help you position your organization to be AI-ready. It offers insights that enable you to ask the right questions and understand the implications of adopting AI in your organization. Upon completion, you’ll be equipped to confidently navigate discussions, make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and understand AI’s immediate and long-term impacts.

Who should attend?

  • Mid-level, senior managers, and executives in the healthcare sector (hospital and industry)
  • Medical directors and clinical leaders
  • Healthcare administrators and policymakers

Program Outcomes

  • Build confidence in your AI literacy
  • Explore potential considerations and risks for AI integration
  • Discover the importance of AI’s future in healthcare
  • Get hands-on experience with ChatGPT and other AI tools
  • Master AI implementation
  • Peer-to-peer networking opportunities

Day 1

Expandable List

  • High-level understanding of AI, and its current capabilities and limitations;
  • History of AI from barcoding to ChatGPT and key concepts;
  • Generative AI, foundational models, common conversational tools;
  • AI trends and strategies.
  • What can generative AI and machine learning do?
  • What are some existing use cases in health care that draw on these capabilities?
  • How institutions have successfully implemented AI and learn from some of their notable failures.
  • Developing AI literacy across the organization;
  • Integrating AI into existing and new roles.
  • Risks of AI including bias, hallucinations, and how to protect privacy and data security.

Day 2

Expandable List

  • Prepare your institution for achieving operational efficiencies using AI;
  • How to make informed decisions and understand AI’s immediate and long-term impacts.
  • Practical use cases with hands-on experience
  • Hands on experience using ChatGPT-4, including optimal prompting and the use of custom GPTs.
  • Implementation road map for success.

Program Facilitators

Michael Caesar View Michael's LinkedIn Profile

Chief Data and Analytics Officer,
University Health Network (UHN)

Erin Aspenlieder View Erin's LinkedIn Profile

Special Advisor to the Provost on Generative AI,
McMaster University

Stuart Sherman View Stuarts' LinkedIn Profile

Serial Entrepreneur

Carole Piovesan View Carole's LinkedIn Profile

INQ Law | INQ Consulting

Lunch and refreshments are provided each day.
All registrants will also need to purchase an individual subscription to ChatGPT 4 and have access to it for the two sessions.


Registration is now closed.


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