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ResearchOnline (Ro)

Introducing Mason Kadem and Baraa Al-Khazraji, founders of ResearchOnline (Ro).

Mason is an artificial intelligence (AI) entrepreneur, engineer, and researcher, and a college professor in computer science and digital health. He is the author of the textbook Pearls and Perils of Machine Learning, used in multiple academic courses. He holds dual Master of Science degrees in biomedical engineering and neuroscience. Baraa is an assistant professor in Kinesiology, specializing in integrative cardiovascular and cerebrovascular physiology, and the director of the Translational Vascular AI Lab at McMaster University. Mason and Baraa’s partnership as both business and life partners fuels their shared passion for innovation and problem-solving.

The idea for Ro emerged from firsthand experiences with limitations of traditional research methods. Recognizing the need for a solution that enables large-scale physiological testing online, Mason and Baraa developed this innovative AI-powered platform.

Throughout Residency @ The Clinic, Mason found inspiration in The Clinic’s leadership and exceptional speakers. He was particularly appreciative of the program’s focus on medicine and healthcare. The collaborative environment provided unique learning opportunities from fellow program participants with diverse perspectives and expertise, making the experience invaluable.

Looking ahead, Mason and Baraa aim to disrupt research with their online testing platform. They would like to extend their impact and address unique challenges by leveraging collected physiological data for medical AI applications. They are dedicated to expediting the translation of research discoveries into practical applications for terrestrial and spaceflight environments.