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The Clinic @ Mac is a health sciences innovation centre at McMaster University. It brings together students, staff and faculty for an immersive experience to explore health innovation ideas, generate solutions and build new ventures.


Location: Adjacent to the Jan and Mien Heersink Reading Pavilion on the first floor of the Health Sciences Library at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Clinic @ Mac was made possible through the generosity of Mary and Marnix Heersink and their family.
With their support, we have created a unique learning experience for emerging health innovators.

The Clinic @ Mac's Resources Solve Several Innovation Challenges

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Entrepreneurial Education

The Clinic @ Mac is the learning hub for Health ICE educational activities and entrepreneurial training.

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Specialized Resources

We focus on problem sourcing, needs assessment, and team creation to develop solutions specifically for healthcare.

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Facilitated Development

Our dedicated Clinic Coaches work with teams to help set the milestones needed to keep projects moving forward.

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Relevant Connections

Our Clinic Coaches and Mentors are experts from academia and industry with vast networks.

Call for Applications

The Clinic is currently accepting applications from teams and individuals for its 2020-21 cohort. Projects and people selected will become Clinic Residents and have access to innovation coaches, a network of mentors, market and patent databases, exclusive learning opportunities and more. Join us this October.

The Clinic @ Mac Residents - Summer 2020

Our residents at The Clinic @ Mac are emerging health innovators from a variety of disciplines. We support their ideas by educating them about the innovation process, helping them set and achieve milestones, and connecting them to people and networks needed for success. Please subscribe to our newsletter to learn about the next call for applications.

The Clinic @ Mac Resident Team: Fatima Ahmad, Arham Arfeen, Josie Carr Haris, Yumna Irfan, and Brendan Tao
Advancing fertility awareness-based methods as an alternative for hormonal contraception

How can we empower women to take control of their own health by providing a convenient, non-invasive and hormone-free birth control option?

Team Members: Fatima Ahmad, Arham Arfeen, Josie Carr Haris, Yumna Irfan, and Brendan Tao (iBioMed HESE)
Academic Supervisor: Anna Korol, PhD

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How do we simplify medical records to make them easier for patients to understand?

Team Members: Sarah Abdel-Rahman (iBioMed B. Eng.), Kay Wu (Medicine)
Academic Supervisors: Abubaker Khalifa, MD and Sarrah Lal, MBA

The Clinic @ Mac Resident Team: Mitchell White

How do we simplify the consultation request process for hospitalists, optimize workflow for specialists, decrease wait time to treatment for patients, and provide greater resource visibility to hospital management?

Team Member: Mitchell White (Ivey Business School)
Academic Supervisors: Abubaker Khalifa, MD and Sarrah Lal, MBA

The Clinic @ Mac Resident Team: Konrad Grala, Amanda Tomkins, Ahmed Attia, and Justin Rosner
FreeHand: A computer input device for individuals with reduced motor function

How can we reimagine the human-computer interaction to help individuals with reduced motor function?

Team Members: Ahmed Attia (iBioMed BME), Konrad Grala (iBioMed HESE), and Amanda Tomkins (iBioMed BME)
Supervisors: Jocelyn Harris, PhD and Bill Wang, MD

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How can we create a reliable and efficient way to meet the demand for non-urgent patient transportation?

Team Members: Emily Panousis (BDC), Dru Walji (Engineering PhD Candidate), and Chris Zhou (B. HSc.)
Academic Supervisors: Abubaker Khalifa, MD and Sarrah Lal, MBA

Dr. Ankit Garg We, Seamus Ingram, Karlo Nesovic, Jessica Schultz, Thaejaesh Sooriyakmaran
Novel Device for Remote Monitoring Heart Failure

How do we guide outpatient heart failure management with an objective, reliable, non-invasive, and remote diagnostic tool?

Team Members: Ankit Garg We, MD (Cardiology Resident), Seamus Ingram, Karlo Nesovic, Jessica Schultz '20 (B. Eng.), and Thaejaesh Sooriyakmaran
Academic Supervisors: Hubert deBruin, PhD; Michael Noseworthy, PhD; and Sanjit Jolly, MD

The Clinic @ Mac Resident Team: Hassan Mir

How can a smartphone application help patients receive immediate care from a physician when experiencing a heart attack?

Team Members: Hassan Mir, MD; Talha Syed, MD; J-D Schwalm, MD; and Michael Tsang, MD
Academic Supervisors: Sarrah Lal, MBA and Madhu Natarajan, MD

The Clinic @ Mac Resident Team: Connor Hsu
Systemic improvements to the kidney donor clinic model at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

How can we improve the time-consuming kidney donor system so that patients and physicians can effectively engage with the overall process of donation?

Team Member: Connor Hsu (iBioMed HESE)
Academic Supervisors: Anna Korol, PhD and Seychelle Yohanna, MD

The Clinic @ Mac Coaches

Our coaches are industry experts who work one on one with each of our resident teams to ensure that they have the support, knowledge, and connections to move their ideas forward.

Karen Scraba

Karen Scraba

Clinical Marketing Professional

Karen brings a career’s worth of experience in clinical diagnostics, medical device sales, marketing and clinical education. She is skilled at alliance management and has built partnerships between public and private health stakeholders and medical device companies.

Karen held successive roles in leading global in-vitro diagnostic corporations. She recently retired from her role as the global Associate Director of Alliances and Services within Becton Dickinson and Company (BD). In this role, she contributed to the design and development of clinical education and value services.

Zack Muqtadir

Zack Muqtadir

Founder and Digital Health Strategist, ZL Technovation

Zack is a digital health entrepreneur with experience in health informatics, biomedical and technological implementation solutions at hospital facilities and academic research centers. He has received national media coverage for his impactful work with Crohn’s and Colitis Canada where he created a patient-focused application GO HERE Washroom Finder.

Zack believes in creating value for patients by using tangible solutions, such as human-centered design approaches and artificial intelligence, to provide strategic advice in the healthcare space.

The Clinic @ Mac Mentors

To read a mentor's full bio and area of expertise, click on their image.

Our mentors are experts from academia and industry with vast networks. They help educate our emerging health innovators and provide expertise on specific projects and project milestones. If you would like to join our mentor team at The Clinic @ Mac, please email

Clinic Affiliates

The Clinic @ St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

St Joseph's Hospital

The Clinic @ Joe's is focused on understanding the patient experience, the health system and areas for innovation in research and clinical practice. Given its close proximity to clinicians and researchers, this location is a key point for team creation as well as innovation development, validation, and downstream implementation. 

Location: 50 Charlton Ave E, Hamilton, ON (Juravinski Innovation Tower)

The Clinic @ DeGroote


The Clinic @ DeGroote facilitates interactions between business students, researchers, and clinicians to explore the market potential of later-stage health innovations to build ventures. Learn more about The Clinic @ DeGroote.

Location: 4350 South Service Rd, Burlington, ON

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