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Residency @ The Clinic is a nine-month program for McMaster health care innovators who are committed to moving their health innovations forward, looking for a fast-track approach to validate and grow their business, and grow their critical network. If you have questions about the Residency program email

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Applications for the Fall 2022 Residency cohort are now closed.


Meet The Clinic Residency Program:

2020-21 Residents at The Clinic

Our residents are emerging health innovators from a variety of disciplines. We support their ideas by educating them about the innovation process, helping them set and achieve milestones, and connecting them to the people and networks needed for success. Learn more about the projects that were selected for the 2020-21 residency, below. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on Clinic offerings and events..

The Clinic Residents: Ahmed Attia, Konrad Grala, Justin Rosner, Amanda Tomkins
FreeHand - The Clinic @ Mac

How can we reimagine the human-computer interaction to help individuals with reduced motor function?

Team Members: Ahmed Attia, BEng BME candidate; Konrad Grala, BHSc HESE candidate; Justin Rosner, BEng candidate; Amanda Tomkins, BEng BME candidate
Academic Supervisor: Jocelyn Harris, PhD and Bill Wang, MD

Clinic Resident Lianna Genovese
ImaginAble Solutions - The Clinic @ Mac

How do we improve the quality of life for people living with limited fine motor function?

Team Members: Lianna Genovese, BEng BME candidate
Academic Supervisor: Anna Korol, PhD

Clinic Resident - Ankit Garg
KardioSmart - The Clinic @ Mac

How do we guide outpatient heart failure management with an objective, reliable, non-invasive, and remote diagnostic tool?

Team Members: Ankit Garg, MD; Kyle Jackson, MASc candidate (Chemical Engineering); Leela Pilli, MEng
Academic Supervisor: Sanjit Jolly, MD

Clinic Residents Dawn Lin and Shravanthi Rajasekar
OrganoBiotech - The Clinic @ Mac

How can we progress organoid technology by addressing the lack of perfusable blood vessels that support the organoids?

Team Members: Dawn Lin, PhD candidate (Chemical Engineering); Shravanthi Rajasekar, PhD candidate (Chemical Engineering)
Academic Supervisor: Boyang Zhang, PhD

Clinic Residents: Joanna Deng, Lloyd Fan, Victoria Meng, Beverly Tran
Pharm-Assist - The Clinic @ Mac

How can we create an accessible, patient-directed tool to help Canadians of all literacy levels understand their medication labels?

Team Members: Joanna Deng, BHSc (Honours) candidate; Lloyd Fan, BHSc (Honours) candidate; Victoria Meng, BHSc (Honours) candidate; Beverly Tran, BHSc (Honours) candidate

Clinic Residents: Jonathan Dorogin, Jonathan Que, Doren Singh
Pharmasonica - The Clinic @ Mac

How can we treat diseases, like cancer, with localized, manually controlled therapies?

Team Members: Jonathan Dorogin, PhD candidate (Bioengineering & Biomedical Engineering); Jonathan Que, BEng candidate (Chemical & Bioengineering); Doren Singh, PhD candidate (Chemical Engineering)
Academic Supervisor: Todd Hoare, PhD

Clinic Resident Matthew Rosato
PROVA - The Clinic @ Mac

How can patients receive real-time guidance from their physical therapists outside of their appointments?

Team Member: Matthew Rosato, MBA

Clinic Resident Marzan Hamid
Transplant Talk - The Clinic @ Mac

How can we make conversations about transplants more accessible to people in marginalized communities?

Team Member: Marzan Hamid, BHSc (Honours) candidate
Academic Supervisor: Istvan Mucsi, MD

Clinic Residents Steven Arora, Jacques Carette, Joyce Obeid
Virtual Reality Cycling - The Clinic @ Mac

How can we help children explore the outside world during prolonged, or frequent, hospital stays?

Team Members: Steven Arora, MD; Jacques Carette, PhD; Joyce Obeid, PhD

Clinic Residents: Qiyin Fang, Imran Satia, Mustafaa Wahab
MaCough Monitor - The Clinic @ Joe's

How can we automatically detect the frequency and intensity of coughs to help monitor the progression of chronic cough?

Team Members: Imran Satia, MD; Paul O'Byrne, MB; Dr. Qiyin Fang, PhD; Mustafaa Wahab, BSc

Clinic Residents: Joan Krepinsky and Jackie Trink
Novel Treatment For Diabetic Kidney Disease - The Clinic @ Joe's

How can we prevent or slow the progression of diabetic kidney disease?

Team Members: Joan Krepinsky, MD; Jackie Trink, PhD Candidate (Medical Sciences); Anthony Rullo, PhD

The Clinic Residents: Jeremy Hirota, Milica Vukmirovic, Shin Wang
Predictive COVID-19 Diagnostics - The Clinic @ Joe's

How can we use host responses to predict the progression and outcomes of respiratory infections like COVID-19?

Team Members: Jeremy Hirota, PhD; Andrew Doxey, PhD; Milica Vukmirovic, PhD; Shin Wang, MBA Candidate

Clinic Resident Team: Richard Austin, Jakob Magolan, Jae Byun, Paul Leeau, Matthew Squazzin
Therapeutics to treat High Cholesterol and NAFLD - The Clinic @ Joe's

How can we find new drugs to treat high cholesterol and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

Team Members: Rick Austin, PhD; Jakob Magolan, PhD; Guillaume Paré, MD; Paul Lebeau, PhD; Jae Hyun Byun, MHSc; Paul Saliba, MSc Candidate (Chemistry); Matthew Squazzin, MSc Candidate (Biochemistry) 

The Clinic's Innovation Coaches

Our coaches are industry experts who work one on one with each of our resident teams to ensure that they have the support, knowledge, and connections to move their ideas forward.

Karen Scraba

Karen Scraba

The Clinic @ Mac

Karen brings a career’s worth of experience in clinical diagnostics, medical device sales, marketing and clinical education. She is skilled at alliance management and has built partnerships between public and private health stakeholders and medical device companies.

Karen held successive roles in leading global in-vitro diagnostic corporations. She recently retired from her role as the global Associate Director of Alliances and Services within Becton Dickinson and Company (BD). In this role, she contributed to the design and development of clinical education and value services.

Zack Muqtadir

Zack Muqtadir

The Clinic @ Mac

Zack is a digital health entrepreneur with experience in health informatics, biomedical and technological implementation solutions at hospital facilities and academic research centers. He has received national media coverage for his impactful work with Crohn’s and Colitis Canada where he created a patient-focused application GO HERE Washroom Finder.

Zack believes in creating value for patients by using tangible solutions, such as human-centered design approaches and artificial intelligence, to provide strategic advice in the healthcare space.

Milica Vukmorivic

Milica Vukmirovic

The Clinic @ Joe's

Milica received a PhD in life sciences from the University of Lausanne. She won the Blavatnik Fellowship for Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences from Yale University. During her tenure at Yale, she supported several successful fundraising opportunities for pilot and development projects.

Currently, Milica is an Innovation and Commercialization Consultant at the St. Joseph’s Research Institute. She works on translational research and early-stage drug and technology commercialization projects surrounding lung diseases.

The Clinic's Resident Program Alumni

The Clinic @ Mac Team: Clearly

Team Clearly - Summer 2020

Sarah Abdel-Rahman & Kay Wu

The Clinic @ Mac Resident Team: Mitchell White

Team ConsultLink - Summer 2020

Mitchell White

The Clinic @ Mac Resident Team: Fatima Ahmad, Arham Arfeen, Josie Carr Haris, Yumna Irfan, and Brendan Tao

Team Contraception - Summer 2020

Fatima Ahmad, Arham Arfeen, Josie Carr Haris, Yumna Irfan & Brendan Tao


The Clinic @ Mac Team: NED

Team NED - Summer 2020

Emily Panousis, Dru Walji & Chris Zhou


The Clinic @ Mac Resident Team: Connor Hsu

Team Nephrology - Summer 2020

Connor Hsu, iBioMed HESE

The Clinic @ Mac Resident Team: Hassan Mir, MD; Talha Syed, MD; J-D Schwalm, MD and Michael Tsang, MD

Team STEMI App - Summer 2020

Hassan Mir, Talha Syed, J-D Schwalm & Michael Tsang


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