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Health Ventures 1

Asynchronous (12 weeks): Fit lessons into your schedule. Content is delivered weekly and can be watched at any time.

Project or No Project Stream: Advance your own healthcare innovation idea or practice with sample projects. Please contact Sarrah Lal if you would like to join the stream without a project.

No Background Requirements: Clinicians, researchers, industry professionals and students of all levels are well-suited for HVP.

Module 1: Define Problems


(Weeks 1-4)

In the first part of the program, you will learn how to DEFINE a relevant problem in healthcare.

W1 - Innovation 101: Approaches, Drivers and Success Factors
Learn about needs pull and tech push approaches to innovation, models used across leading institutions, and what it takes to be an impactful entrepreneur in healthcare.
W2 - Strategic Foresight: The Future of Your Innovation
Will your proposed solution continue to offer value in the next 10-25 years? Learn how to future-proof your innovation by using new tools to anticipate and think about what is next in your innovation space.
W3 - Human-Centered Design and Value Generation
How do you ensure your idea has real value? Learn how to use different perspectives to clearly communicate the purpose behind your solution.
W4 - Market Analysis, Customer Insights & Triangulation
How do you know whether there is an opportunity to make a difference? Learn how to find and use market research as well as design primary research approaches to validate the problem you are looking to solve.

Module 2: Design Solutions


(Weeks 5-8)

In the second part of the program, you will learn how to DESIGN a solution to an impactful problem.

W5 - End Point Selections: Ventures, Licensing Deals, and More
What happens after your solution is developed and validated? Learn about various venture creation and exit strategy opportunities.
W6: Innovation Project Management & Validation Approaches
How do you ensure your innovation’s development pathway is well-resourced and managed? Learn about different project management tools that may be helpful in guiding your innovation through validation and go-to-market phases.
W7 - Communication, Priorities and Risk Management
How will you speak about the potential and realized impact of your solution? Learn how effective communication not only communicates value but also helps address risks perceived by different individuals and organizations.
W8 - Business Model Development: Planning for Sustainability
How might you continue R&D and impact generation over time? Learn how business models can be used to generate revenues to become sustainable.

Module 3: Activate Opportunites


(Weeks 9-12)

In the third part of the program, we explore how to ACTIVATE a project.

W9 - Change Management & Go-to-Market Strategies
How do we encourage adoption of new technologies within a complex setting or a crowded market space? Learn best practices in change management and market entry, to realize the benefits of solutions you have created.
W10 - Teams: Skills Analysis and Finding the Right Mentors
Who should be on your team? When should they join? In what capacity? Learn all about the different types of contributors, mentors, coaches, and advisors you might have on your team throughout the innovation development process.
W11 - Business Valuation Methods and Capital Management
What is the financial value of what you have created? How does this increase over time? Learn the key principles behind how investors value the worth of your solution and how to manage relationships with different funding entities.
W12 - Bringing it Together: Your Innovation Journey
Where are you at in your journey and what are your next steps? This last module will weave together all topics from the program and ensure that you have the required next steps to achieve your innovation objectives.

Health Ventures 2

You know your innovation has the potential to make a significant impact in health. Now what?

Health Ventures Level 2 Certificate program is an exciting new program available to individuals seeking to explore a proof of concept, assess feasibility, and validate various aspects of their project, product or company in the health innovation space. You will engage with your target market, healthcare professionals, designers, engineers, business professionals, and investors.

This unique milestone-based program is 100% online and will help you overcome common pitfalls as you accelerate your innovation towards market.

Module 1: Purpose & Types of Validation for Early-Stage Technology Development


1 Week

  • Articulate purpose of validation activities across the innovation development process.
  • Perform a risk analysis to evaluate areas for exploration during the program.
  • Understand stakeholders to be involved in the design and development process.
  • Module 2: Market & Customer Validation


    3 Weeks

  • Understand various market segmentation strategies.
  • Develop personas that describe key stakeholders.
  • Conduct customer discovery interviews.
  • Triangulate information to create a unique value proposition.
  • Meet with mentors and industry experts for two hours.
  • Attend two tutorial sessions to expand on key concepts.
  • Module 3: Concept Validation & Testing Feasibility


    3 Weeks

  • Develop a target innovation profile.
  • Create a prototype that permits usability and value assessment by stakeholders.
  • Understand regulatory pathways and industry standards of interest for your innovation.
  • Develop a high-level intellectual property strategy.
  • Meet with mentors and industry experts for two hours.
  • Attend two tutorial sessions to expand on key concepts.
  • Module 4: Prototype Validation, Pilot Studies, Preclinical & Clinical Trials


    2 Weeks

  • Use the target product profile and risk analysis to develop testing requirements.
  • Design proof-of-concept and/or technical studies.
  • Design pilot studies and/or clinical trials.
  • Understand requirements for execution of verification and validation testing.
  • Meet with mentors and industry experts for two hours.
  • Attend two tutorial sessions to expand on key concepts.
  • Module 5: Business Model Assessment


    1.5 Weeks

    • Create a market entry and business strategy.
    • Understand distribution channels and buyer scenarios.
    • Develop revenue generation strategy.
    • Meet with mentors and industry experts for two hours.
    • Attend two tutorial sessions to expand on key concepts.

    Module 6: Fundraising Strategies


    1.5 Weeks

  • Understand types of funding available, sources, and stage-specific considerations.
  • Develop fundraising strategy.
  • Meet with mentors and industry experts for two hours.
  • Attend one tutorial session to expand on key concepts.

  • Health Ventures 1 Program Cost

    Next Session: September, 2021

    $499 CAD

    Gain access to:

    • Educational resources
    • Assignments with feedback
    • Knowledge assessments
    • Monthly 1:1 coaching
    • Connections to industry professionals
    • Invitations to exclusive seminars with subject matter experts
    Lianna Genovese, HVP graduate and CEO of ImaginAble Solutions

    Lianna Genovese, CEO of ImaginAble Solutions Inc. and HVP graduate.

    Health Ventures 2 Program Cost

    Next Session: May, 2021

    $750 CAD

    Bursaries applications are available through the application form.


    We are currently recruiting for the Summer 2021 Cohort (May 3 – July 26)!

    Spots are limited to only 20 highly qualified teams. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis: April 5, 11, and 18 at 11:59 PM. The earlier you apply, the earlier you hear back!

    Sample Projects

    Wearable Device Graphic

    A wearable device that monitors age-related changes in mobility, to support early detection and prevention of cognitive decline.

    Drug Discovery Icon

    A molecule that reduces the progression of pulmonary fibrosis, to improve patient outcomes and lower health system costs associated with autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

    Digital Innovation Icon

    A digital platform that connects caregivers, patients and healthcare professionals, to accelerate communication and continuous monitoring of individuals with chronic heart failure.



    Sarrah Lal
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    McMaster University


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