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Transforming health innovation concepts into venture realities.

Do you have a great idea for health innovation? The Health Ventures program will help you develop the essential entrepreneurial skills to identify opportunities and bring health innovations to market. This unique program will teach you how to assess the feasibility of prototypes, business models, go‐to‐market strategies and methods of fund-raising. You will also learn how to navigate the complexity in the health landscape, with a focus on innovation development, procurement and implementation‐related change management processes.

This program is designed for those with an existing project (concept or built-out technology) and those who want to build their skills in working with entrepreneurial ventures. Innovations related to health and education are both eligible to apply.

Sample Health Ventures Projects

Wearable Device Graphic

A wearable device that monitors age-related changes in mobility, to support early detection and prevention of cognitive decline.

Drug Discovery Icon

A molecule that reduces the progression of pulmonary fibrosis, to improve patient outcomes and lower health system costs associated with autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

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A digital platform that connects caregivers, patients and healthcare professionals, to accelerate communication and continuous monitoring of individuals with chronic heart failure.

Lianna Genovese, HVP graduate and CEO of ImaginAble Solutions

Lianna Genovese, CEO of ImaginAble Solutions Inc. and Health Ventures graduate.

Program features

  • Navigate the complexities of the health innovation landscape through real case studies, projects, simulations and practical application activities
  • Complete three courses to earn a Certificate of Professional Learning
  • Convenient online platform
  • Learn from instructors and industry experts across various disciplines
  • Network with clinical, business, design, industry and technical professionals
  • Build an innovation team and possibly co-create the next big thing in healthcare

Who should take Health Ventures?

  • Anyone interested in health innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare professionals, researchers and industry professionals
  • 3rd or 4th year undergraduate* and graduate students
  • Anyone with or without an existing health innovation project or health venture

Health Ventures courses

Group of people brianstorming with sticky notes in front of a computer. Photo by Leon on Unplash.
Health Ventures 1

Do you have a great idea for health innovation? A new solution that changes how something is done? A current or future thesis/capstone project that addresses a big problem? An interest in exploring what it means to build innovation? The Health Ventures 1 course will help you develop essential entrepreneurial skills. Whether you are working on a new digital application, device, therapeutic, process, program, or are simply intrigued by how new innovative technologies are created, all are welcome to this learning experience.

Dentist using a new application on an iPad. Photo by  Quang Tri NGUYEN on Unsplash.
Innovation Project Course

Apply the entrepreneurship skills you have developed so far to real-world health problems. Teams will work through four three-week ‘sprints’ to analyze clinical problems, develop solutions, and pitch proposed solutions to a clinical and industry panel. This course highlights disruptive technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality) as the solution space of interest as well as business models that require complex change and regulatory processes to become adopted.

Doctor holding cell phone. Photographer Daniel Sone
Health Ventures 2

Explore a proof of concept, assess feasibility, and validate various aspects of your project, product, or company in the health innovation space. This milestone-based program will help you overcome common pitfalls and accelerate your innovation towards the market. This course includes project- and case-based learning. It uses both inquiry and problem-based learning approaches to introduce you to a broad range of topics relevant to aspiring health innovators.

Four medical students in white coats and stethoscopes at McMaster University
Navigating Complexity in Healthcare

The health industry is inherently complex and challenging to navigate. Much like a biological system, it cannot be reduced to individual components or ‘agents’: it must be studied as a decentralized system. The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the intricacies of complex adaptive systems and the importance of strategic foresight, scenario planning, problem definition, big data, effective communication, multi-disciplinary teams, and rapid decision-making processes.

Health Ventures news

  • Health Ventures venture spotlight: Cardiotrack flags heart attack and stroke indicators

    Dec 20, 2021, 15:00 PM by Katrina Cordovado and Charlotte Miller
    Cardiotrack is the sixth business started by CEO Eduardo Serna. It was created to streamline the health and safety checks of workers in Mexico. By law, employees are required to have their blood pressure checked daily before they are allowed to operate heavy machinery. Typically, a nurse would be on-site to conduct approximately 50 blood pressure checks per shift. With the help of his co-founders Itzel Alvarez and Daniel Hernandez, Eduardo developed kiosks for workers to have their blood pressure recorded and analyzed to flag potentially harmful outcomes.
    Full story
  • Health Ventures venture spotlight: Engaging the transgender community to educate future physicians

    Dec 20, 2021, 14:06 PM by Katrina Cordovado and Charlotte Miller
    Themis is a progressive educational curriculum that emphasizes community engagement, equity, and non-biased approaches to promote effective healthcare practices. Themis aims to increase the cultural competency of medical students towards transgender patients.
    Full story

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